Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello world!

If you have not received Lynden's birth announcement,
do not be alarmed!
After Raegen was born I had his announcements
signed, sealed, and delivered
before the child saw day 10.
I specifically remember being told to
"take it easy",
"don't get out of that chair",
etc. etc.,
yet the moment my hubs walked out the door I made a mad dash to the kitchen to put Raegen's announcement together {it was a kit...had to attach photo to cardstock, loop ribbon through top, etc.}.
With baby #2, I decided to
take. it. easy. sista!,
relish those newborn moments,
enjoy being a mommy of two,
not worry about sending birth announcements ASAP.
So, I finally sat down to create my announcement and out of the million or so pictures I have taken of Lynden since his birth, just eleven short weeks ago...
none were good enough. ha
So we went outside and had a little "eleven week/birth announcement" photo shoot. :)
"Ahhh, there's my mommy. She's the best."

"Open my eyes? Okay, like this?"

"'re so funny mommy.
You keep blowing in my face and it makes me laugh."

"Now, where are you going? Why are you moving so much?"

"You wanna see something cool or you wanna keep staring into my pretty blue eyes?"

"Looksee, I can hold my head up. Cool, huh?
Did I mention I'm eleven weeks old?"
"Hey! There's my big brother!! He makes me smile."

"He found an apple...on our new apple tree! He's so smart."
"Okay. Back to me now. Look, I'm still holding my head up."

"I'm pretty good at it, huh?"
"Errrr...this thing's gettin' heavy."
"I'm starting to see double. Is that normal?"

"I'm tough. I can take one for the team."

"Maybe not."

"Okay, seriously, I. think. I. need. to. lay. down."

"Oh, bless you mommy. Happy days are here again."
Again, no need to run to your mailbox.
I have the cards created, but not ordered...

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