Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Red Caboose

While B was on his fun-filled GUYS only trip a few weeks ago,
the boys and I hopped over to my parents for a few days.

First on our agenda was the train depot...we've been wanting to go for months, but usually our visits are too short to fit in time for "extra's".

I'm so glad we finally made time because it was sooo nice!
It. was. so. nice!
Did I mention it was nice?!
You will want to go too...whether or not you have kids.

an aerial shot of the depot and railroad tracks

Waitin' at the train stop!

There are three train cars on site, including two caboose's.

Raegen enjoyed climbing aboard and exploring...

But the real fun was inside the depot! It's been converted into a model train shop.
The owner gave us a 15min demonstration, complete with changing tracks and engines!
Raegen enjoyed watching the trains, but of course he prefers to be the engineer...

Because it is a train depot, there were several trains that passed by in the short time we were there...

The "freight" room {where freight would come in to be weighed, then put on the trains} has been converted into a mini-musuem. It's full of pictures and artifacts from the town's heyday.

My dad has spent his entire life in this town so there were many pictures of folks he knew...

He was even there the day Roy Rogers and his horse, Trigger, visited...
Dad also recognized a few of the kids in the below picture. They were a year or so behind him in school. We counted 35 kids in this picture. That seems like an awful lot for just one teacher. Then dad realized some of the kids were in two different grades, so we concluded it was two classes...and the other teacher got stuck with snapping the picture! I'm sure she regrets that! ha Too bad they didn't have self-timers back in the day. ;)

There is a short video documenting the depot's renovation.

And, of course, there is plenty of merchandise for sale.

My dad is helping me locate a model train for Raegen. My dad still has his from when he was a boy and I always enjoyed him setting it up for us to watch. I look forward to giving Raegen such a treasure to enjoy.
{ is a surprise though!}

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