Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is where the cowboy rides away...

We had our closing ceremonies at Ranch Do-Right last night.
Like last year, the two's and three's were first to perform.
Bronco Billy had to mosey his way up to the stage to help corral the kids.
{next year we should really think about moving the "offering scale"...major distraction for little 2 and 3 year old minds...umm-kay, what ISN"T a major distraction for 2's & 3's?? ha!}

Raegen participated in a few hand motions, but I didn't notice him singing any. I'm just glad he didn't have a meltdown. You never know.

After they were done with their songs, another EXTREMELY wise person decided to announce "if you have a two or three year old, please come get them now and let them sit with you". Hello genius!

Raegen was thrilled to see his Grandaddy and Mimi.

he told me later... "Mommy, Mammie is a 'Grandmother'"

After all the other children performed their songs, we had a slideshow, Bro. Tim spoke about the work in the Philippines, and then we dismissed to pick up our "crafts".
These children,
these KIDS,
these little two year old through sixth grade miniature adults
raised over NINE HUNDRED dollars for the Philippine orphanage. Bro. Tim let them know that that money would feed those children TWO rice meals a day for

Raegen's wall of crafts:
{on the right}

Mrs. Kim and Raegen
{not sure where Mrs. Cindy was...}

Mrs. Cindy, Raegen, & Mrs. Kim

It's amazing how many things can change...

in a year!

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