Monday, June 14, 2010

Lynden Rucker - Three Months

Lynden Rucker,
you are now three months old.
These past few weeks your personality has started to shine.
You have the
Your momma loves to see you smile.

You are now a whopping 17 pounds, 3 ounces, and are 25 1/4" long.
That places you in the
100th percentile for weight {haha!!}
and 95th percentile for length.
Your head is 43cm and we just won't go there... ;)

Most days you eat five times, but it's not unusual for you to dine seven or so. I have yet to get you on a good routine or schedule, but we're making progress.

Every morning I wake you at 7a.m. for your first feeding, then lay you back down to sleep while big brother and I start the day. I have been gradually pushing your bedtime back and we are just now on the brink of you going to bed at the same time as Raegen {8:30-9:00}. I let you "cry it out" for the first time last night and you cried for less than 10 minutes. Tonight you were already in your crib when Daddy and Raegen did their evening Bible story and prayers and you didn't shed a tear when it was time for "lights out".

Today we went to Mother Goose at the library for the second time.
Aunt Amber and cousin Ashlyn were there too!

You both enjoyed "Peek-a-boo, I see you!"

and using the scarf to "wash, wash, wash!"

Miss Hannah was there too {she was kind enough to be our paparazzi}
and she just fell in love with your big BLUE eyes.

You now have a brown spot on the bottom part of your right eye so I'm anxious to see if your eyes are changing colors, or if you'll just have a brown spot there.
You are still a very easy baby and only fuss if you're hungry or dirty {and sometimes when sleepy}. If we are out and about I am able to simply hold you and you'll fall fast asleep...something I could never do with Raegen!
You LOVE your paci and we don't leave home without 'em!! I try to keep one in each diaper bag and in the car as well.
You are now, "officially", a nursery baby and no longer go to class with mommy and daddy.
You are also napping AND sleeping in your more bassinet for you!
You've made your first trip to the lake and your first mini roadtrip to meet
your GREAT-Grandaddy and GREAT-Grandmother {pics to come...}.
The two-hour drive was a piece of cake for you, and thankfully Raegen handled it well as well!!
I received your announcements I ordered in the mail today so I hope to get them sent out before you turn four months!!

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