Friday, August 13, 2010

Little Miss Gracie Dove


Miss Gracie Dove {Billy's sister's new baby girl}
was born Saturday evening.

We got word early Saturday morning that Gracie wanted to come out and play so we packed our bags and hit the road! headed to church for the final day of the youth conference {because we all know there's nothing fast about labor!}

And sure enough, fifteen hours later Miss Gracie was taken by section weighing a whooping
NINE pounds, EIGHT ounces
YES, nine and a half pounds of pure joy!
21.25" long
with LOTS of sandy blonde hair
In other news...
Only Uncle Robby can turn this...

into this...

in five minutes flat.
We were JUST discussing how many of the nieces and nephews Uncle Robby has injured when,
well...the picture speaks for itself. We need to add another tally mark.
I think his motto is:
Get tough!
So very thankful for another healthy, happy addition to our family.
Words of advice, Gracie...
get tough!
{when Uncle Robby is near}

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