Monday, August 16, 2010

Lynden Rucker - Five Months

Lynden Rucker,
you are FIVE months old!

You weigh 19lbs, 4oz.,
and I need to measure you!! :)
You are staying strong at TWO teeth, but by the way you CONSTANTLY chew, gnaw, and drool I wouldn't be surprised if we see some more soon.
You are a delightfully happy baby.
HOWEVER, you don't travel as well as your brother did at this age.
If you need to burp, you let us know!
If you have a dirty diaper, you let us know!!
We have pulled into many a gas station to meet your demands. Once we fix the problem you're ready to hit the road again.
And boy have we been traveling! Three weeks ago we headed north to visit Pawpaw and the past two weekends we've been in NWA visiting family. You met your Aunt Bridget, Uncle Danny, cousin Sean, and brand new cousin Gracie for the very first time. You also went to your very first football game...cousin O did a great job on the field!
You are now flipping and flopping so much I never know if you'll be on your back or your belly! I walked in to find you on your back during naptime and clinging tight to Lammie Pie just the other day.
Oh. My. Word.
Your first time to flip from back to belly was Friday, August 13th...just one day before you turned five months. In a matter of minutes you were flipping back and forth and within the hour you were rolling all over the living room floor!
You are still strictly nursing and eat on demand five or so times a day. Lately you've been getting in a few "middle of the night" snacks too
{hello 2a.m....I really don't want to be your friend}...
growing spurt, maybe?
My absolute favorite thing to do {STILL!}, is strip you down to your diaper and make you pose by babies twice your age!
{poor Rusty wasn't feeling well when we visited}
You're catching up to cousin Brody!
{who is just one month shy of his first birthday!}

You are an absolute dream.
It's so much fun to see how you respond to Raegen. You have the biggest smile when he's around. He is so sweet with you and knows exactly which songs to sing to calm you down. He's also great at bringing you toys.
And just tonight I caught him trying to "help" you back onto your gym mat...
uhhhh, let's hope that doesn't happen again! :)
I love that when you're sleepy, it doesn't matter where we are, I can rock you right to sleep in my arms. It's a lot of fun to work that "mommy magic" as Daddy calls it. :)

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