Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lynden Rucker - Six Months

Lynden Rucker,
you are now six months old!
You are getting so big! You are now 20lb 2.4oz, that puts you in the 90th percentile for weight.

And at 26.5" long, you are in the 5oth percentile for length.
Your head circumference is 44.75cm.

You take three naps or so a day and are feeding six or more times a day. You sleep through the night about every third night or so {I don't know what happened...we were doing so good!}.

I cut out rice cereal because it didn't seem to be helping, but rather making matters worse. I plan to re-introduce it next week when things slow down again for us.
You are still in prefolds and a size small cover, but I have a feeling a size medium would fit much easier! ha. I tried Raegen's old Fuzzi Bunz a few weeks ago and they were a bit big, plus your skin wasn't crazy about the synthetic fabric. I will likely order some more GroVia's for you. They are so soft, absorbent, and easy.

Big brother Raegen is now in preschool twice a week and you have me all to yourself for two "almost" full days. He is also taking a basketball skills course once a week and that's the perfect time for you and I to go to the library for story time, just the two of us.

You get where you want to go by rolling, but I've seen you attempt to get up on your knees. I know it will happen in the blink of an eye.
You still also need help sitting up. I'm anxious to have your six month portraits made, but I really want you to be able to sit unsupported! :)

You smile so easily that everyone wants a big cheesey grin from you. You and Raegen are still just so sweet to each other and it's fun to watch you play together.
However, now when you cry I don't know whether to expect him to break out in song {he prefers the alphabet song followed by his rendition of "Jesus Loves Me"}
"Lynden! What is your problem?"
The good news is, either method he chooses usually soothes you and you are happy and content once again.

We are still FAR from any type of schedule for you, but it's working...for now. I guess that's just to be expected with a three year old running around as well.
I would like to see you get in a good bedtime routine and perhaps be able to fall asleep on your own.

Although I do enjoy holding and rocking you to sleep. :)

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