Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Verdict Is In

Raegen had a great first day at preschool. When Lynden and I went to pick him up he was more interested in playing with the cars than gathering his things and leaving. His only complaint was they played "inside" instead of "outside" was a VERY rainy day!
I'm so glad we decided to send him to preschool. Each family is different and we made the right decision for us. I'm anxious to see all the things he will learn and the friends he will make.
There's a WONDERFUL cupcake shoppe just seconds from Raegen's school. Do you really think that's sheer coincidence?? My lips are sealed.
After I persuaded Raegen to put the toys up and leave, I told him I had a surprise for him...a sweet treat, of course! I asked him if he wanted a CUPCAKE or a cookie. He quickly let me know he wanted a cookie and so I proceeded to ask him no less than twenty times if he wanted a CUPCAKE! I was met with a resounding "No." each time. And as it turned out, the cupcake shoppe was CLOSED Tuesday, boo, so no cupcake for me.
We made our way to another wonderfully sweet shoppe and after a hasty decision, Raegen chose

a brownie!!

Of course I got one for myself and...

Lynden was there too so of course he needed...

one as well!

His was by far the best...I would definitely eat it again!

Here's a good milestone for preschool...a sweet smile for the camera!

because this is what I get when I say, "don't make those silly faces"...

His paper said he was "wiggly" at naptime and he "wasn't very hungry at lunch"...I checked his lunch bag when we got home and he had only eaten two cheese cubes and his applesauce!! So today we practiced eating our lunch...ALL of our lunch. I also sewed up a special nap time blanket. He said he cried at nap time because all the other kids had blankets and he didn't {in case you have't noticed, he's a bit dramatic}. Everything they take has to fit in their backpack so there's not much room left after you put a change of clothes, a stuffed toy, and leave room for papers. I bought two yards of John Deere flannel and made a small blanket. I'm anxious for him to wake from nap so I can surprise him!

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