Friday, September 24, 2010

more fair fun with friends and fam { i heart alliteration}

We went to the fair again today. This time we met up with our playgroup friends and some family tagged along too!

Our first stop...the dog show!!

There were about five dog owners that were gracious enough to put on a little show for the kiddos. They certainly had Raegen's attention!

It was great to have Kibs and baby J join our playgroup today and because Aunt April and cousin Brody were in town {Uncle Mike & B had a golf tourney} they came as well!

Lynden was just along for the ride!

I'm "taking" a photography course right now so this was a great opportunity to use my camera settings that don't include the word "Auto"! ha.

Pucker up!

Is this the little piggy that went to market?

This is definitely the one that stayed home!
{Remember him from here? He earned sixth place and made it to the sale! Great job to our buddy "B"!!}

Proof that the grass really is greener on the other side??

"Ride 'em cowboy"

Looking at all the different entries is always one of my faves. I think every year I always tell myself to enter something, anything!, the next year. {and I never do...I should do that next year!}

First place takes the cake.
Or the cake takes first place??
{created by one of our teens from church}

Raegen made our double jogger into a stroller made for three!

It worked out pretty well. And so long as none of these boys gains any weight, it should work again...

{I know, fat chance}

I'm so thankful to have great family and friends to share time with. And because I haven't mentioned it here on the 'ol blog yet, congrats to both of these ladies on their baby news! They are both expecting early next year, just ten weeks apart. Their oldest boys are just two weeks apart.
I had a great time at the fair {again} this year and I wouldn't mind going again! I still haven't gotten to ride anything or chow down on a fried twinkie {truthfully that's all I'm really concerned about}!
{please don't ask what Raegen's doing...the truth is I don't know. I think it has something to do with being a boy. Or three years old. Or both. Or none of the above.}

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