Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun at the fair {soooo late!}

{finally... my state fairs pics...}
We went to the State Fair on Kid's Day and 9-11a.m. all the kiddie rides were free.







And then some! Raegen was so excited to ride this frog...
until he was no longer excited to ride the frog {which really didn't take that long}.
But he had fun despite the terror...with his partner in riding crime, Mimi.
Dad and Lynden would often go stand in line for us while Raegen and Mimi were on a ride, so that when they got off they could almost get on another immediately! It was a great plan because there were THOUSANDS of kids there!!

Calling the Hogs on the bus...

soooo glad Mimi rode with him because I would NOT have like this.

It was two hours

of non-stop

riding fun!!

But I think this was his favorite. Though he {could have} almost gotten thrown off before it started just for teaching the other kids to stand up!!

His face,

says it all!

And of course, what would a trip to the State Fair be without a trip down the SUPER SLIDE!!!

I LOVE that thing!

Lynden's first ride at the State Fair...

sooooo much fun!

Clearly, dad is having a blast!
"Keeper of the strollers"

Stacy and the kids arrived just in time to join in on the fun...

and Mimi too!

Now just insane!
{not for me.}

With no more free rides to be had, it was on to the Hall of Industry for some free goods!!
Raegen found his own way to milk the cow...
{sometimes you have to make your own line}

He LOVED driving the combine at the Farm Bureau exhibit {one of our faves}.

It was the perfect place for Lynden to catch some zzzz's.

The Game and Fish exhibit is always a must see as well...

They had some fun animal tracks for the kids to ID.

And this....was just a tad creepy.

{a few people walked up behind me while I was taking the picture and gasped because they thought it was a REAL baby...I don't blame them!}
A few group pics...

What's cuter than a bucketful of grandkids??

Our FAVE stop of all time is the FFA Barn. This year they had a few pigs that gave birth, so they little piglets were just HOURS old...

I thought they would be smaller...that poor mama pig!

As we were heading out to leave we ran into some good friends from church. They were there showing animals for 4-H.
Another great year at the State Fair!!

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