Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Raegen - Preschool Month 2

We have now completed another month of preschool and Raegen still loves it.

{rain, rain, rain!!}

On Day 15 he got to take some of his favorite "things" to school in the "bear bag".

Initially he had about 20 toys stuffed in there, but daddy helped him narrow it to two. :) Of course he had to take Sheriff Woody and his John Deere tractor.

And on Day 16 he had his first class party!!

I was sooooo SUPER excited. I dropped him off at school, ran a few errands, then arrived back at school just in time for the party to start. His class had a joint party with the other three year old class and that's where I found the other three year old class...playing with their toys!

His classroom doesn't have a train set so he was glued to that spot for the entire party. I couldn't entice him away with anything! And there was plenty for the kids to do...decorate cookies with icing and sprinkles, paint pumpkins, go "fishing" and win a PRIZE!, hammer wooden nails into BIG pumpkins...but he just wanted to play with the trains! And he wasn't the only one...

This is his friend L enjoying the festivities. I decided if Raegen didn't want to participate, I could enjoy watching his buddy L take part!!
It was a lot of fun {even though I look super duper tired in this picture!!} and I'm looking forward to the next party!! ;)

Several of the kids gave each other "treats" on their party day. I thought this little treat was too cute!

And with all the crafty friends I have, I knew you would want to see how it was made!!

How simple and terribly cute is this?!

It's just a rectangle shaped piece of cardstock that is folded to create a box.
I think you could use the same concept at Christmas and use green paper to make a Christmas tree. LOVE. IT!

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