Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Open wide!

Mr. Lynden started baby food a few weeks ago and he

Gimme more, gimme more, more, more, MORE!
{he really wants to know why I've been holding out on him!}

Do you think in this picture {below}, that Lynden looks like...
my brother in this picture {below}?
I do!!

I've had this post ready to blog, but I had a hard time locating this picture {above}. I finally had to settle for the unoriginal black and white copy I made a few years ago that hangs in my hallway. {wish I could find the color copy!}

What do you think? Does he have a little Richardson in him??
He is just the KEY-utest!!!

But don't you dare take that spoon away!!

'Cause he is one grumpy bear!!

Oh, all better!

This teeny, tiny pic is one that I took with my phone and then emailed to myself...I should upload it directly so it will show in the full image.
But I think you get the picture!

He was saying, "Show. me. the. carrots!!!"

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