Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lynden Rucker - 9 months

Lynden Rucker,
you are now NINE months old!!!

After nine months of living with you, we know the most important thing to you is...

You have NO patience when it comes to food and I jokingly tell everyone you eat until I quit giving you food. But really I have to distract you with something else or you get really mad! ;)
You have definitely reached your weight plateau and now weigh 21lb, 9oz. You are 28.25" long and your head circumference is 46cm.

Your eyes have stayed the same color since birth, a bluish grey, and you just might be growing some hair. Maybe.

You are perfecting the army crawl, but are still true to your fastest mode of travel...your super duper rolling manuever.
I have witnessed you "accidentally" sit yourself up to the sitting position, but you still mostly prefer to be rolling around and going somewhere. Who has time to sit still??
I only buy 18 month clothing for you, but thankfully you have been able to wear most of Raegen's 6-12mo Gymboree outfits. Which is wonderful because he had a lot of "holiday" wear!! You still just have five teeth, two on top and three on bottom, but you have been drooling a LOT lately and I am suspect that more will appear soon. You have yet to learn to keep your cute little hands off my Christmas tree so Raegen has been good at helping me protect it. He usually grabs hold of your chubby little legs and pulls you backwards...all the while you are grinning from ear to ear. I think you do it all on purpose just for the free ride! :) Some nights you sleep all night, some nights you don't. I can usually just feed you and place you back in bed and you're asleep immediately. You take two naps a day {2hr or more each} and sometimes those are while we're running around town taking brother to school, basketball class, or just running errands! {I know, it's so unfair!!} ;)
You are too sweet, but you do have your moments. Just a few weeks ago we were all enjoying a cupcake at a quaint little shop downtown, when you started fussing. Without missing a beat Raegen said,
"Lynden! You better stop that fussin' or we're gonna take you BACK to the hospital AND we won't bring you back to the cupcake house!"
It was hilarious. Ya'll are just too precious together.

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