Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let's play!!

We've had some great playgroups the past few weeks. The local play place is always a fave for Raegen and Lynden is now old enough to enjoy the ballpit in the toddler section...

He thought the wall of mirrors was fun too!

Raegen, however, had a pretty rough time. Nothing seemed to be going his way...he fell and bumped his nose, he fell and bumped his head, he couldn't make it through some difficult parts of the maze, it was just hard, hard, hard!! :)

So we got a good pic and hit the road!! Who has time for tears? Not this momma! ;)

Last week we enjoyed a playgroup at the Museum of Discovery. Of course Raegen's favorite area to play is at the train tables. He eventually ventured out and explored a few other areas.

Right now there is a bug/pest exhibit and it is FULL of creepy crawlies!! This is the only picture I'll share because I don't think you could stomach the rest...roaches, and rats, and bed bugs, oh my!!

Of all the things the kids got to see that day, this {FREE sighting of a} barge just might have been the highlight of their day!! ha

By the time we got everyone loaded up it was time to EAT!!! Lynden and I have a lot in common when it's time to eat,
no patience! ;)
I needed food and I needed it 30 minutes ago, so we treated ourselves to Olive Garden.
Oh. Yummy. Goodness.
Note to self, when two adults walk in a restaurant with six kids the host will look around in search of more adults. I don't think we met the adult:child ratio. However, we did meet the "there are eight people in your party {though two are under one year and required no service} and therefore you will be charged gratuity".
No kidding.
I've never had that happen before when I've dined with a girlfriend and our kiddos.
After lunch we headed to a model train exhibit at the William H. Laman Library.

The kids loved it!
of course.

We are so privileged to have so many great exhibits and museums available to share with our kids. Playgroup is on hold for a few weeks as we enjoy the holiday's with our families. So excited at what next year will hold!

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