Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Preschool - Month Four

Raegen had a short month of preschool for December. He started the month with the "bear bag". The children each rotate taking it home and bringing it back to school filled with their favorite things. This is the second time he's gotten to take home the "bear bag". He took his biggest truck and a little tractor to show the class.

I'm very thankful that his preschool focused on Christ for the Christmas season. Afterall, Jesus is the Gift!
We have never discussed Santa with Raegen, choosing rather to focus on Christ and the Christmas Truth. However, it's amazing what kids can pick up from stores, television, and other people! I've gotten a real kick out of his response to others when they ask him what Santa is going to bring him,
of course they think it's because he's been a bad boy. haha He tells them that his daddy and mommy give him things, not Santa. Despite all that, unless we lock him in the house and throw away the key, he is going to encounter "Santa" and that's okay. In fact, Santa came to his school to visit all the children.

{I was so proud of Raegen as he patiently waited his turn.}

And Santa brought him a book.

And little brother was there to witness it all as well!

So I did something I've never done before...I took their picture with Santa!!

And if Elmo was there, I would have taken their picture with him too! :) Our goal is not to say that Santa is bad or wrong or ANYTHING...our goal is to make sure Raegen understands that Christmas is NOT about Santa, but rather Christ. I don't really care if he likes Santa or thinks he's real. He thinks Elmo is real too. I just don't want him to think that Santa magically comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve and leaves him presents under the tree. I really don't want him concerned with gifts at all, but let's get real...he's a kid!! :) I think if we teach him now that Jesus is the Gift and Christmas is a time each year for us to celebrate his birth and share him with others that eventually that will sink in and that's what Christmas will mean to him as well.
I pray so.
{he has already asked if we can bring Jesus home on Christmas}
Okay, enough of that soapbox. ;)
After Santa gave each of the children a book, they returned to their classroom and opened them. I LOVE the way Raegen's was wrapped. How cute is that?!

After they all opened their gifts it was time to PAR-TAY!!! But before they dug in they asked the blessing and it was the first time I had seen them do so. It was so adorable. All in unison they said,
"tick-tock, tick-tock {something like...} now it's time to bow our heads and say our prayers. God is great, God is good. Let us thank him for our food. Amen."

And just as precious were their cupcakes! I wanted to just eat this one up, but it was Raegen's and he would have fought to the death. haha
He came home with the cutest little party favors, but I have yet to photograph them. I promise to do that and share because they are too cute and perfect to file in an "idea book".
Now we're on Christmas break and busy, busy, busy going here, there, and everywhere to visit all our family and friends.

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