Thursday, January 27, 2011

20 weeks...chuggin' along

First, a look back...

and THEN again...

and NOW!

OH my babies.
We always keep our lips sealed for the first 12, 13, and in this case almost 16 weeks, so the first 20 weeks really does fly by for me. This is such a good stage because I'm past all the morning sickness, extreme fatigue, and unneccessary worry and I'm not to the uncomfortableness, unbearable sour stomach, and inability to roll over in bed without help just yet. ha!!
Baby girl is like her brothers and is on the move at all times. I felt her for the first time at 14 weeks. I was in the church nursery rocking Lynden to sleep and it's as if she was kicking him and saying, "Get off me!!" haha It felt like she kicked three times, waited a few seconds, and did it all over again. It was so hard to not scream out,
"I just felt my baby kick for the first time!!!"
With Raegen I was almost 21 weeks before I felt him move {also in church...I looked over at Billy and whispered, "I just felt the baby move!" and he mumbled something about how I needed to be paying attention to the sermon...oops} and with Lynden I was 16 weeks.
I am feeling good and in the mood to tackle some projects that have been on the back burner.
A friend has given me a GORG!!! bedding set for our baby girl {in the event she doesn't turn into a boy} and I am sooo anxious to get started on a nursery!! BUT, we are in the process of building so that really throws a wrench in my plans. ha So, I'm busy dreaming up wonderful ideas for a baby girl nursery. We should break ground next week and if all goes according to plan, and you know how plans are!, we should be in our new home just in time for baby to arrive. And keep in mind, I likely have 22 or 24 weeks of pregnancy left...{maybe more!} ;)

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