Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lynden Rucker - 11 months

Lynden Rucker,
you are ELEVEN months old now!
How in the world has it gone that quickly?!

I am busy planning your BIG one year bash! The theme? I think I'm going with FOOD!! Because you love it so much!! Seriously, I can't think of anything you like more. haha

Your favorite things to play with are balls {of course!} and wooden blocks {specifically the ones you are knocking down in the above picture!! You like to gnaw on them.}

You now have SEVEN teeth and it wears me out. You have an eighth that is just hanging around, waiting for the perfect opportunity to break through. Those teeth are hard work and cause you to have some pretty ripe diapers, drool, and gnaw, gnaw, gnaw!! They still keep you up at night, occassionally, but for the most part you can sleep 7:30PM to 7:30AM every night. You take two naps during the day and they are usually 10AM-12PM and 3PM-5PM. I am still nursing you twice a day, when you wake and before bed, and you are eating pretty well anything...just in bite size pieces! You drink water and sometimes juice mixed in.

I tried to wean you of your pacifier {because you are ADDICTED and it causes you to have a red rash around your mouth}, so last week I put you down to nap without it. You eventually fell asleep, but when I went to get you when you awoke, you had gnawed on the rail of your crib!! So, pacis in the bed are okay...naptime or night! :)

Your BIG smile is infectious and there are a few at church they MUST visit with you and see you smile. It is so sweet. I would say you are very spoiled and very LOUD!!! If you want something, you make it known and your wish is fulfilled so our ears can have a break. ha I'm trying to teach you not to squeal so loudly or get so upset...
it's a work in progress... ;)

You are wearing mostly 12-18mo clothes. I just pulled out all of Raegen's 12-18mo and 18-24mo clothes for you to start wearing. A week before you turned 11months you started crawling "some" with your belly off the floor. I was hoping you would make the 10mo mark like your big brother, but you officially waited until just days after 11mo to make it permanent. You cruise EVERYWHERE and would prefer to walk alongside the wall from the living room to the playroom instead of crawling on the tile...it just takes you twice as long! I think you don't like the cold tile.

You are now 29" {you've grown .5" since last month} and your head is still measuring at 47cm.

Your weight is now 23lb 8.8oz {compared to 22lb 5.2oz last month!}.

It's really hard to believe you are so close to a year old. You have doubled your birth weight {and then some!} and added SEVEN inches to your length! You are soooo SWEET and I love that I can rock you to sleep if needed. You get a LOT of injuries because you are into everything and like to play with Raegen...so there are more than a few bumps and bruises that are unaccounted for. Just last week I had sat you down, left for a moment, and by the time I returned there was a big scratch on the back of your head...no tears...no brother around {he was at preschool}...and no fussing from you. There's no telling.

I am late with your ELEVEN MONTH update because last week was sooo busy!!! Your eleven month celebration fell on Valentine's Day {Monday} and I also had an OB appt that day and it was confirmed you WILL have a baby SISTER, we had your 11mo portraits taken on Tuesday, we closed on our land for our new house on Wednesday, I registered Raegen for preschool AND you and I helped at church for the Sr. Saints lunch prep on Thursday, and all day Friday I finished up last minute projects for Raegen's 4th birthday party and then we PARTIED that night!! I was so glad to see Saturday! :) Since then we have been making multiple trips out to our land to watch the house progress. It is all so exciting and so busy.

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