Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Birthday Fun!

Raegen and I attended a birthday party over the weekend for his buddy, W.
B stayed home with Lynden and worked.

The cake was amazing! A friend at church made this {she's making Raegen's too!!}.

The cupcakes were even better!!!

{oh. my. yummy. goodness.}

Raegen thought the bounce house was great!! On my way there I was reviewing with him how to careful in the bounce house, try not to bump into anyone, etc. I also told him that accidents happen and that if someone bumped into him that he needed to not get upset.

He said, "If someone hits me I will ask who their mom is."

I asked, "What for?"

"So I can tell her what they did!"

As much as he enjoyed the bounce house, he spent more time doing this!!! {of course!}

Raegen and the birthday boy...

"That's mine! That's mine!! That's from me!!!!"
"It is a plant that you grow inside and then you take it outside. I can come to your house and show you!"

I was the "unofficial" photographer for the party bc the party mom's camera wouldn't work. Well, wouldn't you know it...half way through the party my camera decided to stop working too!!
This is the LAST picture I was able to take and it's still not working. ?? I am heartbroken and hope that it gets fixed BEFORE Raegen's big birthday bash on Friday!!

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