Friday, February 11, 2011

Our snow WEEK!

Snow, snow, and more SNOW!!
It snowed ALL DAY LONG on Wednesday!

At times I felt as if I was in a snow globe because it was coming down so thick!

It was so beautiful and I was so happy to just be home and enjoy it from the comfort of my living room couch!

I finally measured it mid-afternoon and we received 6.75" of snow!! It continued to fall through the night, but I didn't get another reading until the morning. My yard stick measured 6". ?? I'm thinking the weight of the snow packed it down an inch or so??

Even though Billy is a landscaper, snow translates to "more work" instead of "no work" for him. The boys were more than anxious to daddy to come home!!

And he did!! At about 4:30PM he arrived and loaded us up for a trip! This is the main road that runs by our house...

and this is the MAIN four-lane highway...

I donned my "snowflake" tee...I thought it was appropriate!!

There were four-wheelers and sledders out galore!

Where could he be taking us??

Why, to go sledding, of course!!

Sign me up!!!

Raegen with his buddy, K.

I REALLY wish I had dressed more appropriately!! It was sooooo COLD!!!!!!!! But soooooo much FUN!!!!!!

B and the boys had a good time too...

After an hour or so it was time to deliver dinner to B's crews and he let us tag along. It was STILL snowing1!

We delivered piping hot pizza and checked on everyone's progress.
In addition to lawn maintenance, he is contracted to push, blow, and salt snow and ice at many of his commercial properties.

After running around town delivering pizza to his many crews, we were starving!! It had gotten late and the ONLY place open was SONIC. Lynden thought it was a real treat!

The next day, Thursday, it was bitterly cold, Raegen's school was cancelled, and...

the only time I stepped outside was to check the mail!

I spent the day doing laundry, ironing, and cleaning. I knew that with ALL that snow, it would still be there to play in on Friday...and it was!!

So Friday morning we ventured out and played and played!

That's me...belly, {camera} bag, and all!

And again here... my attempt at a nice family picture...oh, this child...

Lynden LOVED the snow...IN HIS MOUTH!!

So it seems that the desire to eat snow is, in fact, instinctive!!

He got so mad at me when I rolled him over to take a picture...he thought I was taking the snow away!!!

Happy once again...

He didn't stay out long because it was SOOOO cold! I timed it perfectly for him to play a little outside and then come in for a nice nap.

Raegen would have probably stayed out all day if I would have let him!

He loved digging for his toys that were hidden in the snow!

And he LOVED trying to knock the icicles off the roofline!! I put a stop to that pretty quick though...that just looks like a recipe for disaster!

I feel very fortunate that even if Billy can't be here to enjoy our snow days with us, at least I can be home with the boys and it enjoy it with them!
They are so precious.
I have a feeling there will be plenty of snow left for tomorrow too!!!

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