Sunday, March 6, 2011

Raegen Autrey - 4 year check up

Last week Raegen had his four year checkup. He missed a few hours of preschool that morning, but nothing a Sonic strawberry slush couldn't make up for!!
While we waited for his appointment, he and Lynden enjoyed playing with the magnetic table. My OCD self loved it...he got to play with boats and sand and everything was contained under plexiglass!!
When it came time for the important pictures, my camera battery was DEAD!! So I whipped out the ole iPhone...not the best quality, but it's better than nothing.
38lb, 75th percentile
39.2", 25th percentile {WOW!}
BP 88/50

Dr. C checking for birds...

Raegen wasn't due any vaccinations, but he will be attending public school and will need four vax before kindergarten. So I opted for two now and two later. I tried to prepare him for what was to come, but he really had no idea what I was talking about. I think he's always been too young to remember getting vax. He received the Pneumococcal {PCV13} and MMR vax. The poor kid screamed bloody murder. He still had his eyes tightly shut, mouth open, and vocal chords vibrating when the nurse stuck him with the second shot. {which I preferred, why put off the inevitable??}
So, like any good mommy I quickly reminded him of that special treat he was going to get because he was done with his four year checkup. He wanted strawberries {of course he did!}, but finally settled for a Sonic fresh strawberry slush!!

And off to school we went...he ready to tell his war story!!

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