Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kid, camera, kid, camera...


Two months?


Let's just say it's been awhile and the Stain's have been BUSY!!

The good news is, I haven't had baby Ellison {oh yeah, she FINALLY has a was "official" at week 39...still working on that middle name!} so I've been able to get a few more things crossed off my "to do" list...including:

taking the boys to the splash pad!!!

I was just terrified I would have the baby before I could take Raegen to the pool {as I had promised!!}

As you can see, we made it! And he had a blast!!!

And in my every lovin' quest to take as many pics as possible...

it seems I took one too many...

Now, before you panic and think I'm a terrible mother, let me explain.

I had taken no less than five pictures with my "good" camera and just HAD to have a picture with my iPhone. I snapped the picture, but instead of having a duplicate of a sweet pic of the boys standing together, the phone delayed a second or two and I captured the above picture where it appears Lynden is about to drown!!!! Yes, I had a phone in one hand and my "good", precious camera in the other, but there my child was helpless in the pool so I plunged my hand down into the water and yanked him out!!

Needless to say, the camera suffered.

Lynden is fine, not sure about the camera.

I took it to the store where it was purchased and they didn't have good news for me.

It's currently sitting in a plastic tub with rice and I'm just PRAYING it will be okay...I kind of have a BABY ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what you're all thinking...poor Billy.

He thinks that a lot too. All I can say is, my mother warned him...

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