Saturday, April 23, 2011

What we've been up to...

While the house and Billy's pneumonia has caused me to fall behind in the blogging world, it hasn't affected my obsession with taking pictures. :)

Since we've been absent in the blogosphere:

Lynden introduced himself to Doritos, he's a carpet, not so much...

He also had his ONE YEAR checkup! Oh my. It's gone by so quickly.

Raegen has completed nearly two more months of preschool and even went on a fieldtrip to the Fire Station!

The boys LOVE pillow time! It doesn't matter if I'm changing sheets or making beds, if a pillow winds up on the floor, they're all over it!! Literally!

Billy left AND returned home from the Philippines...YAY! Daddy's home!!!

Lynden showed off his new skill promptly!

Some dear friends from church hosted a shower for me and baby girl AND another dear friend and her baby boy. It was soooo much fun!

I wasn't sure how to handle invitations since this is my THIRD baby, so I only gave the hostess addresses for family. So sorry if I ended up offending anyone. I'm always unsure in those situations. My mom, sister, and sister-in-law couldn't make it {because it was held during the week and they all live 1-1.5hrs away}, but they made sure their gifts were there!!! :) I'm so excited to share those in another post!! {and no, I have yet to write ANY thank you cards!!! Yes, that is TERRIBLY rude...another confession, I have yet to write ANY thank you cards for Lynden's birthday gifts too!! ugh. So very much unlike myself. Soon though...I hope!}

We introduced a new member to our family:

Mr. Benton Samuel...

I celebrated a BIRTHDAY!!! It was full of wonderful surprises! So fun!

Raegen had his dental check-up and of course Lynden and I tagged along too. ;)

No cavities!!!

And finally,

it's OFFICIAL!!!

We will be turning in our Wampus Cat blue & white for

OBU purple & gold!!!

Congratulations to one of our fave boys, Colt, on signing with Ouachita Baptist University.

We are sooooo proud of him!!!


{detailed posts to come soon for these highlights}

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