Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ellison Lee - Two Weeks

Oh, my baby Elle, I just don't want to admit that you are now TWO WEEKS OLD!

It goes too quickly. boo.

You have had yet another action-packed week.

{here you are in a precious little outfit made for you by Aunt Stacy...LOVE!}

You now weigh 8lbs 15.2oz. You are such a good little eater...and "burper" too!

{your precious bow is from Aunt Amber...she got you one in pink too!!}

Last Friday you had your "one week checkup" with Dr. B. Your weight was already back to 8lb 7oz. {it was 8lb 4.5oz just two days before}.

And your length was 21.25" and HC was 14". You were less than thrilled about taking off your cute outfit and bow!!

Your brothers would have probably had a few words for the doctor {at Lynden's first checkup Raegen told Dr. B, "You're hurting him! You're hurting him!!" when Lynden was crying}, but they were at a friend's for a playdate.

They had a lot of fun and were ready for a nap by the time I picked them up. {because you were so upset I took you to Target after the ped appt to get on your good side worked!}

I'm praying you'll be good with sharing because it seems your brothers really like your "toys"...

On Saturday we had a little cookout. You finally got to meet Uncle Frank and Uncle Marc.

You mostly slept through the party...

waking just once to eat.

On Sunday we stayed home from church again. I was so excited when daddy and the boys came home and brought you this sweet onesie from Mr. Blane. I just thought it was too cute and wanted to dress you up IMMEDIATELY, but I refrained and waited until you finished your nap. ;)

On Monday morning you got your first "real" bath. Your cord fell off on day six, but I wanted to give it a few more days before dunking you! :) As you can tell from the picture, you didn't think much of it...

But you quieted down as soon as I wrapped you in your "Princess Ellison" towel from Mrs. Treena!

Then I glammed you up and we headed to town to take Raegen to his TOT class.

You do a lot of sleeping...mostly on your belly. Most of the time I just place you in the bassinet on your belly, turn on the vibration, and you fall fast asleep. Sometimes the paci is required!

On Tuesday Nana and Pawpaw came down to be here for the arrival of your newest cousin, Olivia. We all went to dinner together and then they headed down to the hospital with daddy to wait for her grand debut.

Later that evening Mrs. Treena and Mr. Tim came to see you. Mrs. Treena said, "I thought she would be smaller." haha You are a growing girl...and that's a good thing!

Early Wednesday morning baby Olivia Nicolette was born. That evening we left the boys with a sitter and we went down to meet Miss Livi. She has the sweetest face and...

the longest hair {just like her big sis Ashlyn had at birth!!}!! She also has what looks like natural highlights?!?! I've never seen such on a newborn baby! Oh, look how long that hair is!

And, of course we took a little something for Aunt Amber's hospital door.

I'm so glad little Livi is here and hope the two of you are great friends, always.

You really are growing before our very eyes. Your head circumference is now 14 1/8" and you are 21.25" in length.

I just started you on cloth diapers TODAY {thank you Jenn for letting us borrow your newborn prefolds!!} and so far, so good! I switched Lynden back to cloth today as well. Things have finally settled down again {we're not building right now, we're not moving right now, we're not moving AGAIN right now, etc. ;)} and it will be easier {and cheaper!!} to have you both in cloth.

You are my perfect, precious pearl and your boys and I just adore you. Raegen loves to hold you and love on you.

Lynden loves to squeeze you...haha...preferably your feet! Oh, and he likes to pat your head too. It's a good thing you're almost always out of his reach!

You are still feeding on demand, about every three hours or so. The past few nights you have only woke once in the night {usually between 2-3AM} to feed. That's been REALLY nice!

You also had your second chiro adjustment this week, which you THOROUGHLY enjoyed. AND, a few nights ago one of our new neighbors stopped by and brought you a bag just FULL of goodies...clothes, lotion, photo album, shoe and headband set, was just the sweetest thing!

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