Monday, July 18, 2011

A little banged up...

I was in a car wreck yesterday.

I am fine.

I had NO babies with me.

My car is fine.

Well, it WILL be fine after a little doctoring.

The other driver is fine.

And by "fine" I mean I am terribly sore and have some neck and back pain, but what a miracle that that is all I have to complain about!!

There was a wedding shower at church yesterday afternoon. I had already decided Ellison was still too "new" to go, but I wanted to be there for the special event. I fed my precious baby, changed her diaper, and left her in her daddy's care. The boys were both down for naps. I was so looking forward to seeing my church family and the beautiful bride-to-be. I would be back in an hour.

Or so I thought.

I turned my Tabb Family CD on and hit #5, "He Knows My Name." It was a beautiful day and I was singing along, just envisioning Mrs. Kim from church singing it. {oh, how I love to hear her sing!}

I had been on the road mere minutes when I came to a curve and met a speeding car that was in MY lane. I veered to the right to give him some room...just hoping he would correct himself and spare us both. Instead, he just kept coming at me! Before I could realize what was happening he plowed right into me and I was then barreling down the road in a vehicle I couldn't control.

My vehicle was pushed off the shoulder and miraculously didn't roll right down the embankment, but came back onto the road and darted across to the other side. The whole time my vehicle was just shaking back and forth and I was hysterical as to what to do.

My side airbags had deployed and I was just blind to the world around me.

The only thing in my sight was a HUGE ditch in front of me and an even BIGGER tree that I knew was going to stop me in my tracks. At the same time I was terrified someone rounding the curve would hit me AGAIN because now I was in THEIR lane!! Oh, the nightmare wouldn't end!

I had a moment of clarity and realized I was so tensed up that I was pushing on the brake with all my might. I let my foot off the brake, regained my steering, and slowly hobbled back over into my lane and out of the way of oncoming traffic.

It is quite difficult to manuever a vehicle on a rim!

I've had my Tahoe for nine days. NINE short days. Oh, how thankful I am to have been in that vehicle and not something smaller. The outcome may not have been as favorable. Here's the other guy's car:

How thankful I am that the Lord took care of us both. We were both able to walk away. It could have easily been a head-on and then who knows how that would have ended. So glad I saw him when I did and was able to give him some more room...too bad it wasn't enough room!

I don't think he had a clue what happened until our vehicles met. I don't know if he was sleepy, texting, talking on the phone...all I know is he was where he wasn't suppose to be.

He told the officer he didn't know what happened. He told ME he didn't know what happened. There was plenty of evidence to support my story and the officer said such.

I really despise that highway. It has numerous curves, NO shoulder, and people just drive way too fast on it. I wish there was another route to church! :)

Can you see the absence of white paint in the below picture? That's where my rim ran over the white line when I was NORTHbound and in the SOUTHbound lane. Just a few more inches and me and my car would have gone down, down, DOWN in the ditch!

What a BLESSING I had no babies with me!! That's all I said over and over when folks stopped to make sure we were alright. I was just so very thankful I had no babies with me. What a true miracle. A little seatbelt rash and sore neck and back is all I suffered.

Truly amazing.

He knows my name...

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