Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ellison Lee - Five Weeks

My little Elle, you are now FIVE weeks old and have just surpassed your brother's birth weight {Lynden-10lb 12.2oz}! You now weigh 10lb 14oz.

Your head circumference is 14.75" and you are now 21.25" long. You were your {bulky} oh so cute cloth diapers at home and disposables when we go to town and to church. Those big 'ol dipes just won't fit in the cute covers that match your adorable dresses!!

I thought it would be fun to put you in the newborn outfit we brought you home from the hospital in. I was surprised it actually fit! I've moved you up to 0-3mo clothes.

You were pretty upset during our little photo shoot and fussed so much you put yourself to sleep! It's hard to find time in our busy days to get some good pics of you so I was trying to take advantage of some free time, but you really should have been taking a nap. Sorry!

Later in the day I tried for some more pics and though it's blurry, this is my fave...

LOVE that big 'ol grin!

You were about to roll off the wedge so I was trying to catch you and snapped a pic at the same time.

You are pretty inconsistent with your sleep at night. Sometimes you just wake twice and sometimes three times. On average you eat 7-8 times a day. I give you Mylicon before most feedings and that really helps with your spitting up issues. You are also staying congested, but the nurse said it is nothing to be concerned about. You do NOT like the bulb and you make it known! :) You stayed in the nursery for the first time last night {Wednesday night service}. However, I had to go get a mom that was working in the nursery so she could go be with her child and ended up staying in to help. So you weren't really in there for very long without me...and of course Lynden was with you the entire time.
He has decided you are part of the family and not just something we picked up at Target. ha He's been showing an interest in you this past week...bringing you burp cloths, giving you hugs, and of course stealing your pacifier!! I also took you into the playroom with the boys this week.

Lynden taught you the startle reflex...he whacked you in the belly with his hands {he wasn't trying to hurt you, he's just a baby and doesn't know better} and it startled you!!!

I also let you hang out with me while I got my craft on this week...the hum, hum, humming of my serger put you fast asleep! Other firsts this week included your first trip to the library and Burger King. You also had your first WM monthly photo session...get used to it because you have 11 more to go! :)

After the photo session I picked up some groceries. It was my first time to shop with all three kiddos. It was definitely work, but not impossible. I was wearing you, had Lynden in the seat, and Raegen riding in the basket. A gentleman who was clearly in a hurry {talking on phone, walking briskly, etc.} stopped to tell me he just loved the way I was carrying you. It was a little odd coming from a man, but also sweet. You just never know what people are going to was nice to hear something nice!!

You are smiling more every day and your hair seems to be getting lighter. Your little eyebrows are so similar to Lynden's...almost non-existent and they definitely have a reddish tint! We think you are wonderful.

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