Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trying to beat the heat!

The kids and I met up with some friends today for some INDOOR {cool!} fun.

This is how I roll with three...

Here Lynden is as an almost one year old...

and now as a sixteen month old... {ALWAYS smiling!}

Then I took this picture to show that he actually DID have hair...

and today I wanted to admit that my child has a mullet because I just don't want to cut my baby's hair!! :)

Raegen had SOOOO much fun and I was glad he got to have some lazy day fun before school starts.

Lynden had fun too, but we were there during his normal morning nap so I did lots of holding him on my hip. Which tends to get difficult when I'm already holding a baby. :)

Here he is with his buddy Jonathan... {poor J had a run-in with a table just should see the table!} ;)

Kellen was in our picture too...she was just trying to nap!

We had a great time with our friends INDOORS! Thank the Lord for air conditioning.

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