Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giving Thanks 2011

So much to be thankful for!  Our Thanksgiving festivities started the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  My family met at my parents to celebrate...eight adults...ten children.  They have us outnumbered!  Grandchild #11 is due the first of January and Grandchild #12 is expected in April.  I just love seeing all the cousins play together.  They get along so well.  Here are a few of the boys checking out a parts catalog...haha...  Don't let this one picture fool you though, they know how to have a good to come!  ;)

I am so thankful for a healthy family.  We had a scare with dad a few months ago, but all is well now.   I'm thankful for this little 30 pound one-year old.  And so is my chiropractor!  He likes to be held...a lot!  hahaha 

Miss MC is almost a year old.  She's so pretty and always pleasant...and so petite!  If Miss Elle keeps gaining like she is, she'll be passing some hand-me-downs to little Miss MC!

Here's the real picture of the boys and their fun...

For our family, getting together just isn't complete without YouTube.  It's really just too much fun to watch others make bad choices.

While the big kids played outside, the littles entertained themselves indoors...

and snuggled with the ones that matter most!

We hosted B's family at our house Wednesday through Friday of Thanksgiving week.  Twelve grands...twelve adults...we're almost outnumbered!!!  We had such a great time together.  Everyone arrived early enough on Wednesday to join us for church.  It was such a treat to let them all meet our church family.

Michael was my partner in crime this year and took as many, if not more, pictures than I did.  It was a great relief to me to have him just pick up my camera and start snapping...I think he got some of the best shots of the holiday!! :)

Lynden absolutely LOVED climbing in little cousin Benton's walker!  Oh, this child.

Thursday proved to be a fun, but loooong day.  So, to keep from getting cabin fever, the ladies and older children went to the movies.  We left the babies with the daddies!  We had popcorn and coke for dinner and it was great.
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All the grands, minus two...
we welcomed THREE babies THIS year!
{two last year- 2010}
{three in 2008}

We had a great time playing cards throughout the three-day get together.  We created a new game of 8-person Spades, "Bobby".  And April, Amber, and I even figured out how to play 3-person just took us a few hands to realize there were 17 tricks instead of 13!

We had a blast even to the very end...Raegen thorougly enjoyed letting the air out of the mattresses.

What a blessing to have such fun with family...and Christmas is just around the corner!

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