Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ellison Lee - 5 months

Ellison Lee, you are five months old today!! My, oh my, how the time has flown by! You receive the same comment over and over..."she is such a happy baby"...well, you are and it shows!
You certainly have your moments where you fuss, but generally you're just happy. So easy. We are slowly getting a routine around here. You now go to sleep {still in the bassinet beside our bed!} around 9PM and wake around 7:30AM. {and on that note, you have taken a nap or two in your crib!}  However, the past three nights have been brutal!! Your father asked me this morning if maybe you were teething. Well, why didn't I think of that?! I think he's right. Lynden always slept well, unless he was teething. I was hoping you would make it to 10months like Raegen, before you started teething, but at least you didn't have two at four months like Lynden!! I ended up putting you in bed with me last night and you zonked out. How is that possible? You're not happy in your bassinet, right next to my bed, but move you two feet and sleep beside me and you're out cold. At least it worked...I could be walking the house to keep you happy!
I think you are just too cute and just want to eat you up!!! Oh, stop the cuteness. {but not really...I really do like it} You take several naps throughout the day. You stay awake for 1-1.5 hours then nap for about two hours, eat, and repeat. You are still exclusively nursing and probably will through nine months or so. Your Pawpaw Stain has been visiting often and the poor man gets used and abused while here. He barely makes it through the door and your daddy and I are putting three kiddos in his lap and we're out the door to a movie!! haha It's a good thing you're easy to please because he has his hands full with Lynden!
It's hard to see how much you're growing until I see you in pictures. You're really growing into your outfit from Ms. Heather, above. You wear an array of sizes...a few 0-3mo, but mostly 3-6mo, 6mo, and some 6-9mo. I noticed the other day that you have a "double-cankle" on your left ankle. It's adorable. You just have so much cuteness to squeeze in your little body!
You rolled over from your back to your belly the day before cousin Ashlyn's birthday. Uncle Mike and Aunt April were here to hear me squeal with delight. You haven't done it again since. ha
The past month you celebrated with family and friends at cousin Ashlyn's birthday party, wished a host of others happy birthday...Izzy, Daddy, Honey, Nana, cousin O, and Aunt Jenn. You experienced the play place with your cousins {Benton, Brody, Ashlyn} and Lynden. And "gobbled 'til you wobbled" at the Richardson and Bader-Stain Thanksgiving's.
You are such a good little model for me and don't seem to mind when I play dress up and take hundreds of pictures.  Though it is evident you were getting tired!
Thankfully you don't mind when Lynden tries to get your bow or just gets in your face because he's curious. You just grin.
You have gained 13oz in the past month and now weigh 15lb 13.2oz. You are 23.5" long and have a head circumference of 16". I just love all your rolls and you seem to enjoy them as well.
Of course it's your precious face that just melts my heart. Oh, how sweet you are...
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