Monday, February 6, 2012

SuperBowl XLVI

Well, SuperBowl XLVI marked my TENTH SuperBowl post-church party.  We usually arrive home just before half-time and the "par-taying" begins!  There is no formal invitation, any and all are invited.  So, if you missed us this year...
next year...same time, same place!
There were so many Pinterest recipes, we decided our party needed the following tagline:
SuperBowl XLVI, brought to you by Pinterest!

I even printed some cute flags for our straws and football cupcake liners.  I love Amy's website.  She's always offering the cutest free printables.

There was
It seems everyone I know is counting their calories {including moi}, so I PROMISED not to sabotage their diet!!! Instead, I included a list of all the calories for each dish I made.
I made three batches of chili {I was terrified it wouldn't be enough.  Even though we had 44 folks, there was PLENTY!} and the following:
{click on picture for full recipe}
Taco Cupcakes - 130kcal each

{I forgot about them, so they were extra crispy, but still really good!}
These were SUPER easy to make.  I did adjust the recipe to yield 24 cupcakes instead of 18.  There were 48+ wonton wrappers in the package, so it just made sense.  I only added 1 extra can of black beans.

Easy Cheesey Bean Dip - 1/32=99kcals
I've made this before and it's always a hit.  I doubled the recipe and put it in a 9x13 pan.
Fruit Salsa - didn't calculate kcals
I was trying to be nice and included something healthy!
Oreo Creamcheese Cupcakes - 226kcals
I also made Chocolate Chip Creamcheese Cupcakes using the same recipe.  I substituted Nilla wafers for the crust and choc chips for the oreo crumbles.
Choc Chip Creamcheese Cupcakes - 261kcals
Cake Batter Dip - 1/4c = 103kcals
This was a HUGE hit!  It really tasted like cake batter...sooo good.  And the kcal count wasn't that bad, either.
Cookie Dough Dip - 1T=103kcals
No one liked this as well as the cake batter dip.  If I make it again, I'll use the mini chocolate chips.
Source: via Robin on Pinterest
Coca-Cola Cake - 1/32=241kcals
Can you believe I've NEVER made this?!  It was sooooo good.  I used a baker's sheet to bake the cake instead of making it in a 9x13.  So, one little sliver is 241kcals!  Wow.
Source: via Robin on Pinterest

Others brought Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Bunco Buns, veggie tray, bean salsa, various cookies, pies, and a super cute cheese ball molded into the shape of a football {look at the very first pic on this post to see}.

We had such a great time.  The guys played a little ping-pong...
and the girls played a few rounds of Spades.  We always end up talking more than playing, but we always have a great time.  It's probably because we don't have a clue what we're doing!!

We feel so blessed to have such great friends.

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