Monday, January 30, 2012

Ellison Lee - Seven Months

Oh, my dear, Ella are now seven months old!  It seems like just last week I was at the hospital in labor!  I don't know how time has gone so quickly, but I am so thankful you are healthy and happy.  We are constantly receiving comments on what a happy baby you are...always smiling!!!  Those in the church nursery comment the most, namely Ms. Holly! :)
You have had a busy month!
You traveled to visit family for Christmas...

Rang in the New Year with mommy, daddy, and the 31-40 Sunday School class!!

On Jan. 3rd, Ms. Hannah and Ms. Kim treated your brothers to Chuck E. Cheese while I took you to your six month well child check-up...
{it was so strange to only have ONE child!}
{books are handed out starting at 6mo, so you received your first book!!!}

On Jan. 10th you had your first experience with rice cereal...

On Jan. 20th you welcomed your newest cousin into the world...
And on the 24th you had your first solid...carrots!

Just this past week {1/26} you cheered on the amazing Colt at your first basketball game!

And just today, on your seven month birthday, we went back to story time!  This was your second trip and my first to take you and Lynden by myself!
Ms. Ann had missed us!  I was nervous that Lynden would run around the room while my hands were holding you, but he was perfect.  He loved every second {and of course playing with the toys afterwards}, so we'll definitely go back next week!

You now weigh 16lb 12oz
{.6oz less than your home weight last month and 1.5oz more than your dr visit weight last, obviously you've hit a plateau!!}
Your length is 24.5" {dr had you at 25.75" last month, but I don't think that's accurate} and head circumference is now 16 3/8".  You have a small head, but Dr. B said that's perfectly fine...I have a very small head too and I turned out okay.  {I think...}
You have continued to sleep and nap in your own more bassinet!!!  You take 2-3 naps a day and sleep 9pm-7am.  You eat 5-6 times a day and have enjoyed trying carrots, sweet potatoes, and apple sauce!  I've given you a cup of water, but you have yet to master holding it.
You are certainly going to be a tough girl.  Lynden tries to share everything with you and "gentle" is not in his vocabulary.  He will try to put a toy in your hand, but if you don't take it, he'll just drop it on you!  And, when you're napping he often grabs his blanket and pillow and crawls in the crib with you!!!  You wake up crying and then you both end up giggling.  It's the sweetest thing.
Most people think you and Lynden favor, but a few think you and Raegen.  The majority also say you have my eyes and your daddy's smile...and dimples!!!  I now know where people get nicknames...every time you smile I want to call you Dimple!!! :)
Another month older, another month sweeter.  What a joy you are, sweet Ella Lee.
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