Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kelly's Tour of Homes - Living Room Edition

What time is it?!
Where we started in 2005...btw this is my first and only home...

{don't mind the cute little lady...that's my mom!}
Can you believe there's not even a ceiling fan?! People! No need to die of a slow sweat!
So here is our humble abode, now. I'm quite proud of the mantle. When we moved in there was none! It took me a few years, but with my parents help I was able to make my own.

You will notice I have a LOT of pictures in my house and practically no art. That's because I like to look at my family and well, it's my house so I can do whatever I want. ha.

Our living room is very narrow so it makes it difficult to arrange furniture {that and the fact that we have oversized furniture}.
The TV is from my single, college days and we'll keep using it 'til it works no more. I would like to have a nice entertainment center for that area, but for now it's the TV and family portraits!

This particular wall has seen a LOT of portrait arrangements and rearrangements. I'm not satisfied with it as is, but it will do. Any suggestions?

I know, I know...they say pianos should be on an interior wall. Sorry.
This grouping of pictures is of my family...

My chair is a swivel, rocker, recliner and I LOVE it. It's actually the ONLY piece of new furniture we have bought as a married couple {four years in just seven more days!}. It's a Lay-Z-Boy and therefore I have the option of reclining just the back or the back and my feet! I like to recline the back and rest my feet on the floor so I can rock.
{Lay-Z-Boy is the ONLY recliner with that me, I searched HIGH and low.}

I love having my chair placed by the window so I can look out at the yard. We live on the outskirts of town in a quiet neighborhood with large lots. It's not fancy, but it's quite nice.

More pics of my fam...
The table was a freebie from the church gym.
I'm either going to stain it darker or paint it black??

This bowl works great as a catchall for keys...

The couch was a freebie from my MIL and I picked up the coffee table at a yard sale for a mere $20. It offers me plenty of storage and that's a good thing.

B's fam...

They had fair warning I was going to put them on the blogosphere!
Looking from the living room into the kitchen/dining room...
This is B's chair and he dearly doesn't want to part from's big and comfy and best of all worn in; it's a Lane we bought secondhand from my parents! We've searched and searched for a new chair to replace it, but we always come home empty handed. Now B is interested in a double rocker recliner/loveseat.

After I hung the pictures on either side of the window I thought they would probably look better if I flipped them, but it took me too long to get them straight and I was tired of measuring {and missing!}. What do you think? Should I switch them to opposite sides? The group of four would probably look better on the bigger half of the wall, huh?
I would love to go out and find new furniture for our living room {yardsale, thrift store, furniture store}...I would definitely choose items on a smaller scale. Any suggestions on rearranging? I've had it pretty much every way imaginable.
My left blind broke as I was raising it to take my pics today. I've been on the hunt for fabric to make drapes for this window and matching drapes for the french doors in the dining room...should probably get on that!


Heather said...

Cute living room!! I LOVE all of your pictures! It's nice to see someone else love a lot too!!

Cheri said...

Very pretty room. You have a lovely family. I think you are simply gorgeous - beautiful smile! And I'm partial to brown eyes - brown eyed girls rock! (And I've been happily married for 22 years......hope that didn't come off wrong! lmbo)

Tickled Pink Talk said...

Thanks for "having us all over" :)
I would paint the table black and yes, I do think the arrangements should be swapped. LOVE all the pictures! Oh, and the mantle is great! :)

Pam said...

Very nice. I love the mantel. You have to have one. Please don't die of a slow sweat!

Grits414 said...

Hey there! I loved seeing your room!!
About the picture arrangements...I would flip the arrangements. I like the four all together like that but the arrangement with the three...I would rearrange. I might would try the two smaller ones on either side of the large one, or one above (off center to the left corner) and one below (off center to the right corner), creating a diagonal effect. Does that make sense? OR you could put both smaller ones under the big one, but hang them just to either side of the large one (measuring middle way through their frames and hanging). again-make sense?
and I WOULD paint the table black! LOVE it!!!

Laura said...

Your home is so inviting! Thank you for sharing! In response to your question about my dining room shades, yes they do clip on the light bulbs. I got them four years ago at Lowe's!

Mare said...

I love your room, it's very pretty and comfortable.

The pictures around your window definitely look nice now but I see what you mean about the possibility of flip flopping them. That might be nice too.

I didn't know pianos should be on an interior wall...



Angela Ibarra said...

I remeber the t.v. from your. or "our" single roomate days, we watched a lot of fun stuff on that thing. It even held up our trash bag when we wrote the "Mr. Recycle Man", ha, the good ole days.

pumpkinpatches said...

Thank you so much
for you sweet comment! I LOVE your picture arrangements! That is what makes you living room , YOUR ROOM!!!! Thank you for sharing.

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