Thursday, October 1, 2009

I heart grommets

Since having our house painted I've been on the hunt for new drapes. I had planned on making my own and even knew exactly what fabric I wanted for the living room and kitchen area...toile. I was able to find exactly what I had envisioned...color, pattern, and all, but price was another story. My goal was to have four floor-to-ceiling panels for both the living room window and the french doors in the dining area.
After taxes and S/H the cost would be approximately
$350 per window.
Not cool.
Not cool at all.
So when I happened upon these drapes...

at {where else?} Tar-jay!, I thought I could make them work.
And for a 54"x95" panel, clearanced at $16, I KNEW I could make them work!!
{Note: Clearance price is only in-store, not online. ?? And yes, the Targets in our area still have plenty on their shelves!}
The only thing I did not like was how the fabric gathered at the top. And, with these being 95" long, I needed to be able to open and close them with ease.
Grommets to the rescue!!
I purchased the grommets pictured below at Wal-Mart. They are available in this bronze color and black.

Of course I couldn't show you a project involving scissors without once again bragging on how much I luh-huh-hove my Gingher scissors. I have two pair and my fave pair are spring-loaded. Oh my, how did I ever craft without them?

These were my supplies:
scissors, pen, template {comes in grommet package}, grommets, and drapes of course!

Grommets are very easy to attach, especially this particular type that is plastic.
First, mark where you want to place your grommet {store bought panels typically have 8 grommets per panel so I followed that principle}. I folded my panel into eighths and pressed well to create a crease to use as a guide. I then placed my template half-way between each crease on the panel.

The first time I ever attached grommets to curtain panels, I left a two-inch hem above, hoping it would stand tall when I was finished. Instead it flopped over like bunny ears. As you can see in the photo below, I have placed my grommet close to the top seam. I was determined not to make that mistake twice.

Once you have marked your fabric, use your pen marks as a guide and cut the fabric.

Then simply snap the grommet in place and repeat seven more times!
Or in my case,
8 x 4 living room panels
8 x 4 dining room panels
= 64 times!!


I really like how the grommets allow the fabric to fold like an accordian. It gives a much "cleaner" look.
This is one project I am THRILLED to have completed!
By the end I wasn't sure if
"I heart grommets" or "I hate grommets".

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