Sunday, October 4, 2009

No better gift

Over the summer we made a trip down south to visit Grandpa and Memaw. To Raegen's delight, Grandpa took him for a tractor ride.
Oh, what could be better?!

{Nana, did you notice what hat he's wearing?? :)}

Round and round they went...

AND, they rode the "four-wheelers"...

And then it was time for a break! Poor Grandpa...and poor Raegen!

The break didn't last long and they were back at it.

Raegen, Grandpa, & Memaw

All that riding just wore this boy out...we barely got 10 minutes down the road and he was out! Thankfully he napped for the entire two hour ride home.
We'll have to make it down again soon before it gets too cold to go "riding".

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