Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome to the "Big Baby Mama" club

Oh what a day it has been!
We started the morning by visiting my friend Andrea {you'll remember her from here} that just had her baby yesterday. Yes, he wasn't due 'til October 27th!! :) He's 5lbs. 5oz. and 18in. long...tee-tiny, tiny!! We didn't get to see baby Sean because he's sick and staying in the nursery, but he's on antibiotics and should be well soon. Sadly, that means no pictures. boo.
After we left there, we hopped on down to see Kibs and wait for baby Jonathan to make an appearance. I just knew we'd have a baby before noon and by the time we arrived things were shaping up for just that!
Raegen and I settled in to the waiting room while Kibs, Jeff, and Ms. Ponnee worked on coaxing Jonathan into the world. Though Kibs was at 10cm {no pitocin and no epidural mind you!}, he still wasn't persuaded to grace us with his presence. So Raegen and I went downstairs for a bite to eat and Ms. Ponnee joined us shortly after.
We spent the afternoon knowing she was close and having the baby at any minute!
Raegen spent the afternoon playing with his trucks, tractors, and making funny faces.

Though we had a few times where his emotions got out of control, he really did great overall {especially with no nap!}.
By mid-afternoon Kibbie agreed to an epidural to help calm her contractions and terrible back labor she was experiencing. And, thank the Lord, baby Jonathan was born at 5:21p.m.

He is 8lbs, 14 1/2 oz., and 21 1/2 inches long.
I say "welcome to the 'Big Baby Mama' Club"!! And, having birthed a 9lb, 22in. child myself, I grant Kibbie the right to round up!! Good night that's a big baby...just go ahead and claim 9 pounds!! :)
Oh, I am so happy that everything went so well and baby and mama are doing so well. Now she has her own "war story" as I like to call it. Isn't that what women do? Sit around and talk about birthing their babies and how it was and how it wasn't?? :)

He is so adorable and chubby.

But he is so tiny in the arms of his daddy!

Look at those feet!
There were so many friends there to welcome him!

I was so happy when it was my turn to hold him.
Even though he's a 9 pounder, he's still sooo tiny!!

I do believe he is loved!
What a wonderful blessing.
Welcome to the world baby Jonathan AND baby Sean!!!

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