Sunday, February 21, 2010

Look at me, I just turned THREE!

We celebrated Raegen's third birthday on his birthday, Saturday! :)
As I mentioned in an earlier post, our plan was for a low-key birthday bash...a little cake and ice cream with fam and friends and then some play time at the local play place. Because Raegen was ill last week we scaled it down even more. He was feeling much better on Saturday, but we still felt it best to have only grandparents and a few adults. He was able to get some much needed rest and relaxation AND enjoy his birthday cake...which to a three old is a BIG concern! :)

The cake...

Raegen LOVED his basketball cake and was under the false impression that on his birthday, we would eat cake ALL day. You can imagine his disappointment at the breakfast table when he asked for birthday cake and his request was not granted. It's tough being three.

The birthday tee...

Time to sing!

And blow out the candles!

This was actually Raegen's FIRST time to blow out birthday candles. Obviously it didn't happen when he turned one and last year we couldn't get the candles lit. I was more upset than he! Despite his inexperience, he blew them out like a pro.

Probably because he knew the sooner he blew them out, the sooner he got cake and cream!

His big buddy Colt was able to drop by and wish him a "Happy Birthday"...

and he received phone calls from Aunt Kristen, big buddy Christopher, and his Witcher cousins {though we just played phone tag with them!! :)}.

Pawpaw and Nana came by on their way to visit Grandpawpaw. They scored major brownie points with what is possibly his favorite gift...

BIG BOY John Deere boots!

These things aren't for babies!! I think his old boots could actually fit INSIDE his new boots.

He also received cards in the mail from Uncle Justin, Aunt Kristen, & Izzy; the Green's from BK; and Grandpawpaw and Mawmaw. Uncle Robby, Aunt Katie, Owen, Alyssa, and Annelise sent this really cool "Handy Manny" book...

and Aunt Amber also dropped by to deliver a gift. She was busy picking up the tissue as quickly as Raegen was tossing it over his shoulder!

Uncle Marc, Aunt Amber, and Ashlyn gave him a kite and an Elmo toy...hello?! ELMO! What more could a this boy want?

Mimi celebrated with us too. He received this really cool tiger overnight bag and backpack. Perfect for our little boy on the go.

Of course his Uncle Brank and Aunt Mari were there {and Connor too!} and gave him some cute new clothes and a NERF gun. I'm not sure who was more excited...Raegen or daddy!

Uncle Kent, Aunt Stacy, Madisyn, Ty, Griffin, Ben, & Henry dropped by daddy's office on Friday to deliver Raegen's gift. The kids gave a few hand-made banners and pictures...
his very FIRST John Deere movie...
and Aunt Stacy made this super cool tee...

Of course daddy and mommy gave the more practical gifts...
clothes and new rubber boots...

He LOVES to look at himself in the video camera...

and even tried to look at his new boots...though that task proved to be rather difficult. It gave daddy quite the chuckle though!

Anyone that knows Raegen knows his fave saying is "wanna go to YOUR house!". He's not picky...he could be talking to a friend at church, his Uncle Marc while wishing Uncle Marc a happy birthday over the phone, or the checkout lady at Walmart. Mimi decided to take him up on his request and packed him up and took him home to spend the weekend and part of the week with she and Grandaddy!

But before they loaded up and hit the road he had a little fun with his new toy!
{and daddy did too!}

It's very strange to not have Raegen at home with us, but we know he's having a great time with his grandparents. The ride to church was very quiet today and I know the next two days with be "off" without my little king. We just hope he wants to come home...Grandaddy and Mimi have an advantage-- it's called a tractor!! ;)

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