Wednesday, May 5, 2010

grab yer rain boots!

Saturday {before all the tornado nonsense} we went to dinner with friends.
As we were leaving the house I recalled Raegen's little rain boots from his baby days and put them on Lynden.
It wasn't raining
and I didn't expect it to,
but I figured he's cute enough to get away with it.
That, and it was a now or never situation...
it took a lot of work to squeeze those chubby legs in those boots!
Such a fashion faux pas.

While we waited on our table Raegen and I played a round of checkers...

He always wins.

There's a reason I call him my little king.
This is his impression of his daddy losing...

Dinner time!
We always order the queso for Raegen.
Originally that reason was because he likes to watch the waitress light it on fire. Now I think it's because he really likes the queso...pretty sure that's what climbing on the table to get a bite means!

Lynden slept through the ENTIRE meal.
Including the craziness that occurred when the twisters arrived.

My mess eating a mess.

The storm was upon us, but you can't just walk away from a chocolate mess.
Once it was devoured we hit the road.
well that, and the sun broke through the clouds...

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