Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Toads and Tater Dogs

Friday night we made an appearance at Toad Suck Daze because I knew if we didn't do it then, with all the rain in the forecast, we wouldn't be able to!

Of course our first stop was the most important one...FOOD!

Raegen and I shared a Tater Dog and it was scrumptious!
Wish I had one now.
It's a hot dog wrapped in a potato and deep fried...of course.
As soon as we placed our order it started to rain, so we had to take shelter...got to protect the food! :)

Billy had a
buffalo burger,
and a corn dog,
and a funnel cake,
and a..... :)

Once we finished our meal it was time for our favorite spectator sport in the south...
people watching! You see all kinds. ;)

Of course any festival isn't complete without a few kiddie rides.
Me? I saw this one as questionable.
His daddy? "He wants to ride it."
So ride it he did. Don't hate.
As you can see, Raegen was quite anxious to get started.

In he goes...
all the while I'm saying to B, "are you sure?"

Locked and ready to go...

That's us at the top...tears and all...

He made two rounds, then he was let off...as you can see he has tears coming down his face, but he says he had fun and he wasn't scared.

On to the motorcycles!

No tears here!

The infamous Stuck on a Truck...

Time for more food!

Raegen thought the funnel cake was GREAT!

We finished it as we walked to the car...the rain was a comin'!!
We made it to the car just as the hydrometeroids struck.
Fun times.
We'll be back next year...along with the rain, I'm sure. ;)

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