Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Keepem' closed...

Are they still closed?


"He's mine?"

Ridin' their horses!

I never.
And I do mean, NEVER, buy Raegen toys.
Because the kid has soooo many that we've picked up
and everywhere.
I just couldn't resist Woody.
and he talks!

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Sugar and Spice or Snakes and Snails?

Poll has closed. It's a BOY!!!

Take the poll located on the right side of the screen. Will we be having another baby boy or a baby girl? What do you think?

If it's any help, I haven't had any dreams {like I did with Raegen, dreaming I was having a boy} and I just don't have that "feeling" with this baby. I did have severe morning sickness that lasted through week 15, quite unlike my mild morning sickness that ended at week 12 with Raegen. That info may help or confuse you more! I'm anxious to see what everyone else thinks we're having.

Is baby #3 a boy or a girl?