Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lynden Rucker - 8 months

Lynden Rucker,
you are now EIGHT months old.
You had a well baby check up yesterday and you weighed in at 21lb 3.5oz!
The bandaid is from your second round of DTaP.
You are now 27.75" long and your head circumference is 46cm.
You are now feeding just 3-4 times a day and can go most nights without waking.
You LOVE "big" people food and we just can't feed you fast enough. For the most part you are a very laid back child, but not when food is involved... "get in my belly!"

Your eyes are still a pretty blue and time will tell if they will stay or change.

Within the past two weeks you started the "army" crawl, but always fall back on rolling if you want to get somewhere fast!! A third tooth popped up a few weeks ago too and just this morning I spotted your top two front teeth making their way into the world as well. Oh. my.

You generally nap twice a day {2hrs + each}, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I try to schedule your afternoon nap with big brother, but it doesn't always work out that way.

You are still a VERY "smiley" baby and just brighten people's days. At the doctor's office yesterday the receptionist was calling everyone she could find to come over and watch you smile. She said you just made her entire day...which was nice because yesterday was very dark, rainy, and gloomy!!
You are STILL in a size small diaper cover, but not by choice!! The size medium's are on their way and they can't get here soon enough. You are really busting at the seams. :)
You have wished SEVEN people happy birthday in the past month and been to lots of fun playgroups {mommy is just waaaay behind on posting all the fun pics!}.
I'm not sure if I'm going to bother putting up our Christmas tree or are into EVERYTHING!! You pull my side table that sits by my chair over at least once a day and I think your motto is, "if I can grab it, it's coming with me!!"
We are constantly on the go and with the holidays approaching, we'll be traveling even're more than anxious to spin around and see all the sights instead of staring at a seat back all day!
We are so blessed that you're such a happy and healthy baby.

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