Thursday, November 4, 2010

Punkin Patch

Last Friday we headed to the Punkin Patch ;) with our playgroup. I'm always so impressed with how extremely social Raegen is. If he wants to play, he's going to play...whether he knows you or not! Most of the time he tries to entice someone into "chasing" him {I think they play a LOT of tag at preschool!} or he just jumps in and joins what the group is already doing.
He had a lot of fun meeting some new friends and showing them how to "race"...

But the minute he spotted this HU-MONGO!! sandbox, he was done for. I really didn't know if I would be able to talk him into enjoying all the other fun things the farm had to offer.

But he {eventually} caved and jumped on the playground equipment too. Here he is enjoying a swing with his buddy Jonathan...

Kibs, Jonathan, and baby K enjoying the slide...

Raegen tried his best to talk the boy behind him into sitting on the slide with him so they could slide together! {only worked once or twice}

There was SOOOOO much to do and play on...Raegen had so much fun just running around and enjoying it all.

There were even animals to pet, but they didn't spark Raegen's interest.
{this horse's identity has been protected for his safety}

Taking it all in...

Tractor ride to the punkin patch!!

Lynden is trying to eat straw and I'm trying {unsuccessfully} to talk Raegen into choosing the BIG pumpkin!!
{trying to get my money's worth!!}

He wanted a little one, just his size.
He won.

And then after witnessing this...

I conceded that bigger is not always better. Now that would have been a trying to balance a baby and a giant pumpkin!

Jonathan was in awe over Lynden's lack of hair.

"But mama, he's so cute. I think he likes me. Can't we take him home? Please!!"

"HELP!!! Man down! Man down!!"

We had lots of buddies that went to the patch with us. And some of them dressed in their finest Sew Darlin' duds!

Enjoying the tractor ride...

Out of 30 or so pictures in this one setting, yes, this was the best... ha!

We enjoyed a great lunch and some TASTY homemade lemonade before heading home. Once there we threw our weekend bags in the car, put the finishing touches on dinner for a friend, and headed east to see family! Pictures to come of baby Izzy's first birthday party!

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