Tuesday, January 11, 2011

17 weeks, 6 days, and 7 hours, but who's counting...

Well, it's fbo {facebook official} so I guess it's time I posted it on the blog...
We're gonna have a baby!!
{yes, again} ;)

I've had all the typical pregnancy symptoms...nausea, heartburn, extreme fatigue...the works.

Are you looking for my bump? It's coming...slowly, but surely. It usually appears around week 18 and then BAM! people start asking, "twins or triplets?"

So I'm enjoying my bumpless bump, because it's just a matter of time. haha

One thing that has been different than my other two pregnancies...
no weight gain.
In fact, I'm holding strong at -1 pound. {not purposely}
Why do I tell you this?
Because that's never happened before and will never again.
So, again, I'm enjoying that too because, it will come... haha
I've never been one to divulge my weight gain during pregnancy and I don't plan to start now. But as long as we're talking negative numbers, I don't mind to share.
{although I would not be shocked in the least if at my 18wk 5day checkup that I've gained 10 pounds!! But don't expect me to share that news either}
I will share my age though, nothing wrong with that. I'm 29. ;)
I'll be 18 weeks in less than a day
we'll know baby boy or baby girl in less than a week!!
My EDD is June 15th so I expect a baby no earlier than July and no later than September.
{we shall see...}

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If it's any help, I haven't had any dreams {like I did with Raegen, dreaming I was having a boy} and I just don't have that "feeling" with this baby. I did have severe morning sickness that lasted through week 15, quite unlike my mild morning sickness that ended at week 12 with Raegen. That info may help or confuse you more! I'm anxious to see what everyone else thinks we're having.

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