Friday, January 14, 2011

Lynden Rucker - 10 months

Lynden Rucker,
you are ten months old!
{let's not talk about what that really means}

You just cut "your" right {to my left} lateral incisor. That makes six total teeth for you and you are a constant "drippy faucet". :) I forget to put a bib on you {because I am forgetful and because I've never been a fan of bibs!} so I often walk into the nursery and they have whatever bib was available strapped to you to catch all the slobber...most of the time it's a girl bib. ha Your brother had ZERO teeth at 10 months so you are ahead of the game when compared to him. You are a very pleasant baby and give the BIGGEST smiles to everyone, but cutting teeth is not easy and it has given you some problems with sleeping through the night. For the most part you go to bed around 8p.m. and wake around 8a.m. Lately I've had to go in to soothe you back to sleep. You just want held and rocked. It's so sweet {but can be exhausting at times too!}.
Your eyes are still a gray-blue with that one brown spot on your right eye.

You now weigh 22lb 5.2oz, so I think you've reached your "set" weight for now. You're definitely not packing on the pounds anymore.

Your head is now 47cm and your length is 28.5".

You have perfected the "army crawl" and crack me up at how fast you can move. You usually move the fastest when headed to the playroom. You definitely love your momma and want to be in my arms almost always. If I'm sitting on the floor playing with you and Raegen you wiggle on over and climb up in my lap. You are also now very good at sitting yourself up. It's so funny to watch you sit yourself up in your crib and play awhile before you fall asleep. Sometimes you fall asleep by simply falling forward, so you're still in a sitting position. Precious.

Did you notice you're in a "paper" diaper in the above picture? You had a TERRIBLE rash for weeks and after WEEKS of treating it with no results I decided to switch to the organic disposable diapers {size 3} for a while. I also switched the rash cream and thankfully it went away. I was so scared to put you in a disposable because you had had a bad reaction to the synthethic cloth diapers, but you did great. {And I secretly love the smell of Pampers so it worked out for me too!! haha} Your teething produces some really nasty diapers so I actually haven't switched you back to cloth yet! ha

Here's a really good picture of that newest tooth you have...

It's all really just hard work!!
You had your first "illness", just a little bug that lasted about 12 hours. Your fever spiked to 102.3, you had NO appetite, and a terrible NASTY cough. I kept you home, gave you some Tylenol, and by the next morning you were your old self again.

We will find out on Monday if we're having another baby boy or a baby girl. I think the news was a little disturbing to you...
"But I'M the little brother!!"

No, really, I didn't realize it at the time and was just blaming your teething for making you such a "pill", but later after I took your shoes off I realized the tongue of the shoe was crammed down in your toes. OUCH! Obviously that didn't feel very good to you and mommy is very sorry! Please forgive me. :)

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