Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Billy's Baby: Five Weeks Old

I'm a bit behind in posting, so here are pictures from the last TWO weeks:
Day 22
Insulation, HVAC, finish roof

Day 24
Drywall Hung

We headed out to see the house progress after we finished up Lynden's birthday party. I was AMAZED at how fast this sheetrock crew was working!!! There were guys working in every room and they were constantly moving, cutting, tossing, and WORKING!!!

Day 26
Tape-Mud Drywall

The damp, humid weather made it difficult on the sheetrock guys. They ended up taking a few extra days because the mud was taking so long to dry. I'm glad they took the time to do it correctly because it looks great!!

Day 27
Choose Paint Colors
I only got to pick three colors for the house. I REALLY like my Sherwin Williams Tradewind Blue that I currently have in my living/kitchen/halls, so I chose one hue lighter for the new house main areas. It's SW6217 Topsail. My other colors were chosen from a few decorator blogs I follow. The gray/brown is SW7030 Anew Gray and will be used in the Master Bed & Bath, Jack & Jill rooms, Office, and Garage. The yellow is SW6680 Friendly Yellow and will be in the Guest Room & Bath, Laundry, and Jack & Jill Bath.
Mud Drywall


Day 28
Brick, Tape-Mud-Sand Drywall

Day 29
Brick, Mud-Sand drywall

Front door delivered

Day 30
Ran out of brick.
Our brick guys were AWESOME! Our brick salesman was too, but he didn't calculate the needed brick correctly, so we had a few days where there was plenty of work to be done, but no materials to work with! :)
Front door installed.


Day 31
Knock-down Texture applied

Day 33
Some lower cabs installed

Brick delivered

Day 34
Brick finished, garage door hung, more lower cabs installed, correct back door hung

I'm the woMAN in charge this week since B is gone on a mission trip with the church. I won't be able to accomplish all that I had hoped, but I think I'll be able to finalize my granite order before he returns. Judging from the past few days, this is the part of the house building process where it all slows down drastically!! We're still keeping a good pace, but we've had a few minor setbacks. If one contractor is late with his area it just pushes everyone else behind too. We should still be able to finish and move in before baby girl arrives, but we're certainly not going to set any house building records!! :)

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