Thursday, April 14, 2011

Billy's Baby: Eight Weeks Old

So I am VERY behind on blogging!! THREE weeks have passed since I last posted about the house.

Since then:

Billy was diagnosed with allergies and left on a mission trip to the Philippines

I was left as the woMAN in charge

Raegen was out of school for Spring Break

My dad came and helped me finish MANY, MANY projects around the house

I was very, VERY sore from working on those many projects!!

Lynden started walking

Billy returned from the Philippines and was worse for wear with his health...he returned to the doctor and they diagnosed him with asthma

Some wonderful ladies at church held a sweet baby shower for me and baby girl

We welcomed a new baby into the family

We celebrated a birthday within the family

Billy left for another trip, this time to Indiana to watch one of our favorite guys play baseball

Again, I was the woMAN in charge of the house

Billy returned home VERY sick

He made yet another trip to the doctor and it was confirmed he has pneumonia!! Work has sloooooowed drastically on the house, but we are still on schedule to be finished before baby girl arrives. Our greatest concern is the ground being too wet to put in our septic system. I "think" we have decided to dig a few trenches to drain the ground where needed and get that in place ASAP {before another BIG rain!!}. If that can get accomplished we could realistically be "move-in" ready at the end of April.

Here's the progress from the last THREE weeks!!

Day 36

More Cabs, pics of garage door and finished brick...

Day 40

ALL interior doors AND closet shelves hung, shower tile started, second garage door hung, granite ordered!!

Day 41

Crown installed and all windows framed

Day 43

Master shower tile started

Day 44


Day 47

Shower tile, laundry & bath floor tile laid, paint almost finished - some trim left

Day 49


Also...looks like we're getting neighbors!!

I think that's gonna leave a rut!!

Day 50

Day 51

Kitchen Cabs

Raegen is most excited about this ramp...poor guy thinks it's staying!! :)

Day 52

Stain cabs

Day 55

more kitchen cabs!! They're almost complete!! Kitchen tile grouted and master bath surround tiled

Day 56

Trenches dug for electric and plumbing lines,

cab shelves delivered for staining, more tile work on bath surround, Vinyl Day One!

Shortly after I took this picture, the vinyl guys packed up and, we're on the hunt for new vinyl guys!! hahaha...

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