Friday, April 22, 2011

Billy's Baby: Nine Weeks Old

Another week has passed and we are soooooo close to being finished with the house!! It officially went on the market, along with the one where we are currently living, yesterday!! Woohoo!

Day 57
Hardwood floors - Day One, Light fixtures delivered, and Billy tried to prevent the forecasted torrential downpour from raining on our septic field line parade ;)

Day 58
Granite installed!!!!, Hardwood floors finished

Day 60
Interior doors hung, stain/sand front door

Day 61
Lots of work...and workers!!, Kitchen backsplash started, plumbing fixtures installed, bedroom lights installed

Day 62
Another day with lots of workers and SUNSHINE!! Vanity lights installed, propane tank installed, backsplash completed, icemaker installed

Day 63
Garage lights hung, Living Room lights hung, Front door lacquer applied

Major work that we need to complete:
install septic system and field lines
form drive, front porch, and patio and pour/finish concrete
hang vinyl on underside of roofline and ceilings of front porch and patio
finish HVAC work - waiting on concrete slab for AC unit

Minor work:
install carpet
hang exterior lights and install garage door key pad - when vinyl is complete
hang cabinet doors and install hardware
install door hardware
complete trim around fireplace
install shower door, glass transom, and glass for upper cabs {to be done first of next week!!}
install surround sound speakers
hang window blinds
hang bathroom mirrors and other hardware {robe hooks, TP holder, etc.}
CLEAN!!!!!!!! just waiting on Entergy to hook up power...the work order went in last week, but then the state was slammed with multiple storms resulting in THOUSANDS of power outages. I do believe we're not top priority, and rightly so!! haha It's crazy to see that we've come this far in just nine weeks...and that's with lots of bad, wet weather and a severely sick General Contractor!!! ;)

We could easily be looking at a completely finished house next Friday, with the exception of the septic and drive, of course.

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