Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ellison Lee - Four Weeks

OH my Ella Lee, you are four weeks old! I guess it's time to clear a few things up. ;) I call you my precious pearl because you were born the last day of June and your birthstone is the pearl.

We named you Ellison Lee after a combination of family members. Your Grandmother Richardson's name is Ellen and I wanted something to honor her, so we named you Ellison. Your maternal Great-Grandmother's middle name is Lee and so was your paternal Great-great-great Grandfather, Robert E. Lee Autrey, and his daughter/your Great-great Aunt Demma Lee.

You are still NOT a fan of having no clothes on! You now weigh 10lb 6oz. You have moved up to size 0-3mo clothes.

Your new diaper covers arrived this week and I LOVE them! They are PINK and key-ute! I also ordered a white cover. They are HUGE, but the smaller size is for NB to 9lb. So we'll just deal with it. I borrowed some newborn prefolds, but they don't seem to work well with the HUGE covers. I've been using Lynden's prefolds and they look really silly on your tiny body, but they don't leak and that's what matters! haha

Your length is now 21.25"

and your head circumference is 14.5".

Ten little fingers and ten little toes...

Your daddy just adores you and says you remind him so much of baby Raegen. You have characteristics of both your brothers and you all three have something in common, dimples! ;)

You and I took Raegen to his last TOT class. You dressed in blue for the special occassion.

While I was busy taking pics of Raegen, you decided to make a little noise so one of the other momma's helped you out by giving you your pacifier. Pretty soon you had quite the crowd tending to was adorable.

Afterwards we went grocery shopping at WM. Lynden was at home {napping!} with a sitter so I took advantage of ONLY have TWO kids! haha While wearing you in the baby wrap I had the following convo with a fellow shopper:

Random lady: What do you have in there?

Me: A baby girl.

Random lady: Awwww.

{looking closer...confused look on her face}

Random lady: I thought you said you had a baby GIRL?

Me: Yes, I do.

Random lady: But there's a BLUE bow on the baby's head.

Me: You are correct.

{because I've never been one to put a bow on a baby boy's head!!! Talk about blowing someone's mind! haha}

We had some more visitors this week also. The Ibarra's brought us a delicious meal and some new pretties for you.

The boys had a lot of fun playing together...

and chasing the deer away!

You also made your first trip to church! Bro. Matt presented you with your first New Testament. It's pink and PRECIOUS!

You also made your first trip to a baby shower and went with me while I got a mani-pedi. Sweet mother-daughter time!

Today it finally cooled off some so I let the boys play in the water while you napped.

Because it was so cool {and breezey!!! woohoo! It was such a BEAUTIFUL day.} I brought you outside for a little Vitamin D as well.

You just snoozed. of course.

Everyone wants to know how the boys are adjusting. Raegen adores you and Lynden adores your toys!!! ;)

You are still feeding on demand and generally wake once or twice during the night to eat. I've started swaddling you for your day time naps too. Sometimes I use the "dummy" Kiddopotamus swaddle and sometimes I swaddle you with a blanket {because, yes, after my THIRD baby I have FINALLY learned how to swaddle with a blanket!}.

I'm just amazed it's already been four weeks. We had our family photo shoot this week and I'm so anxious to see the proofs. I'm a little sad that you didn't sleep for any of the pics, but I know they're precious just the same. :) Oh, my sweet baby you always.

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