Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ellison Lee - Three Weeks

Ellison Lee, you are now THREE weeks old!
{gown made by The Shifty Fox}

You are such an easy baby. You really don't fuss at all. I've learn that you MUST burp, so I take the time to burp you after you've eaten and then you're ready to fall asleep again. You are quite the eater. I think I might start calling you Miss Piggy! You've recently had some spit up issues, but I've started giving you .3ml of Mylicon before you eat and that seems to be working.

We've been having some scorcher heat so I usually wait 'til late in the day to let the boys play and I leave you in your bassinet right beside the door so I can hear you if you need me.

I even found a little bitty pool {so embarrassed!} I had stored away and let the boys play in the water. Lynden was less than impressed...

But Raegen enjoyed it!

for a little while...haha

You and I just sat and observed as daddy and the boys played.

You've had a few more visitors this week. Mrs. Andrea and Sean came to see you and so did Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Heather...

You were given these A-dorable socks this week as well as a super cute damask/dimple dot minky bib {soooo stinkin' cute!}. I've ordered some new diaper covers for you that should arrive soon. The Bumkins are working "okay", but often feel "wet" due to the vent in the back. Aunt Stacy suggested we try the Bummis Super Brite diaper cover.

You are still sleeping in your bassinet beside my bed. Because you sleep so well on your belly I quit swaddling you. Then you started waking 2-3 times a night instead of ONE, so I've started putting you in the Kiddopotamus swaddles again!! ha Your last night time feeding is around 10:30PM and now you're back to waking just once, between 2AM and 3AM. You generally wake to feed again around 6:30. I'm usually too lazy to sit up and feed you so I just let you lay beside me...sometimes I'm too lazy to put you back in your bassinet when you're done! ha So, this is what I ended up with in the bed the other morning...

Raegen usually crawls in bed with me every morning after he wakes now he snuggles with you too!

You are already up to 9lb 11.2oz!! Yes, that's nearly a pound in one week...I told you you were a good eater! :) You feed on demand anywhere from every 2.5 to 4 hours during the day.

Your length is still 21" and your head circumference is 14.25".

I tried to get some cute pictures of you on the floor, but Lynden was awake and kept trying to sit on you...he may have been successful a time or two. So, we changed locations!

He's still not sure what to think of you. When I'm feeding you and he's around, he wants up in the chair too. He generally pats your head or squeezes your little feet, then he hops right down again.

Your daddy was away on business for a bit this week. We sure were glad to see him come home. He brought the boys some new hats and he brought us chocolate!!

Because you sleep on your belly, you get plenty of tummy time. It's important to have some back time too, so I put you under your play gym this evening. Raegen enjoyed "teaching" you a few animals with the pictures that are attached.

He is so very sweet to you and loves to help take care of you. If you're fussing he'll find a toy for you or put your pacifier back in your mouth. In the car {you REALLY dislike riding in the car!!} he'll sing "Jesus Loves Me" or his ABC's to you to help calm you...he did the same thing for Lynden. It just makes my heart happy to see.

You made the paper this week! Your birth announcement came out in a few papers and it's scheduled to come out in a few more next week. I've yet to mail your birth announcement to our family and friends {it's on my to-do list!!}. It seems with three babies some things just get pushed to the side!

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