Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bye-bye shag-a-do

My little linebacker has been in dire need of a haircut for sometime now, but

1) we've waited soooo long for him to actually get hair I really didn't want to cut it all off

2) his little curls on the back of his neck are so precious and I know as soon as they're cut they're GONE, and

3) I highly dislike seeing my baby turn into a boy with just one haircut.

B and I took Raegen for his first haircut at 10 months. I knew he wouldn't be able to join me this go round so I opted to take Lynden to a fun "children only" hair salon. I needed all the extra help I could get!! He loved playing with the toy train set all by big brother telling him where to put the trains, etc. haha

Of course that only lasted so long and he wanted to sit in the vintage airplane and "fly".

I was thankful the stylist let him sit there while we waited for our turn. There were only two stylists working and there was a steady stream of customers.

It took all of ten minutes to turn my baby into a big boy...

He is too precious.

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