Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ellison Lee - Two Months

Ellie, you are now TWO months old!
{updated bc I figured out how to use Picasa to load my pics! yay!!}

You are smiling so much and even cooing too. It is so sweet. You are now in the church nursery exclusively, but of course I check in on you and generally feed you between services.

During your second month you went to storytime at the library, met your Great-Grandpa for the first time, escorted big brother Raegen to preschool, visited family in NWA, attended your very first birthday party {cousin Gracie}, visited your Great-Grandmother and sadly, later attended her funeral, and also witnessed big brother Lynden's very first hair cut. Everyone comments on how quiet and easy a baby you are. It's really true. You rarely fuss and when you do you either want to eat or need a new diaper. When you're sleepy, you just go to sleep!

Your face has cleared up and doesn't seem to be as sensitive. So, I have you back to sleeping on your belly. During the day you nap pretty well anywhere...bassinet, swing, play mat...
You eat 7-8 times a day, including nighttime feedings. Sometimes you last until 5:30a.m. and other nights you're hungry at 1:30 and 6a.m. It's so random. I still do not have you on a schedule, but I would like to!

Last week I took you and Lynden for your two-month and 18-month check-ups, respectively. My stroller is my sanity. If I didn't have it we would never leave the house! And that's just scary to joke about.

I really don't realize what a chunk you are until I see a picture of you.

I think it's because all your little roll lines show up in photographs! To me though, you are so tiny. You now weigh 13lb 9.5oz and are 24.5" long. Your head circumference is 15".

Your brother is now 28lb, 33" long, and has a head circumference of 19". That is a lot of weight for mommy to carry around!! I usually put you both in the stroller, but sometimes I carry him on one hip and tote you around in your carseat. Quite the load.

You are beautiful and we are blessed to have you.
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