Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Movie Madness" Fair Fun

Tuesday afternoon we met Aunt Amber and the girls to watch the county fair parade.

Raegen had no idea we were going to watch the parade OR that he was going to see cousin Ashlyn so he was VERY excited!! We found a nice grassy spot just perfect for the kids.

Lynden and Ellison had the best seats in their comfy stroller, but I knew it was just a matter of time before big boy wanted a little freedom...

This was Lynden's fourth parade, but I believe he enjoyed this one more than he did the first, second, or third {not blogged about because I was busy being pregnant, packing, moving, repeat, etc.}! The parade had his attention, for sure.

I'm so glad Amber asked us to join them. We had a great time and it's always nice to spend time with family.

Raegen ran into his buddy, EK, after the parade. I always enjoy seeing him interact with his little friends. So cute.

Afterwards, we joined the traffic bandwagon and headed out to the fair. Ellison slept through most of it... {as she did the parade too!}

And Lynden enjoyed his first sucker. What started out as him holding Raegen's balloon {attached to a Tootsie Pop}, ended with him realizing he could take the paper off that ball on a stick and put it in his mouth! We didn't dare take it out of his hands. haha

Some of the kids at church show animals through the 4-H program so Raegen got a hands-on experience while viewing the goats...

Who knew at last year's fair that our 2011 family fair pic...

would include a NEW baby?!

God knew.

That's who.

The fair is a great place to meet up with old buddies...

"Hey friend, it's been a while!"

What's a fair without rides? haha

{we might rethink this next year when we have TWO that want to ride...}

We had a great time and B even bought me a corn dog...he really does love me! ;)

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